Return to the Burn: Roadburn 2017 Prep Day Two

Hypnopazuzu RB

For the second day of gearing up for Roadburn 2017, we’re going to follow suit with the traditional Sunday schedule and make this an afterburner of sorts. Historically, Sundays are as vital a part of the festival as any of the others, yet tend to allow for a sonic cool-down of sorts. While this is still true, the Sunday lineup of this year’s festival is balanced wonderfully, with chaos and calm sitting side by side on each of the stages. Today we’re going to examine one of Black Metal & Brews’ top festival picks alongside a new discovery, both on the Sunday schedule and on the more hypnotic and magical side of things.

Second Pick: Hypnopazūzu
No, this isn’t a play on fellow Roadburn performers Oranssi Pazuzu’s name. With the meeting of Current 93 mastermind David Tibet and Killing Joke’s bassist, Youth, it’d be damn near impossible for Hypnopazūzu to bore or fall short. Still, as the byproduct of two great minds, the project’s debut LP, Create Christ, Sailor Boy, is more of a triumph than one might think. It’s cinematic and enchanting, with Tibet’s well-known wispy and theatrical vocals rolling brilliantly across backdrops of shimmering resonance and playfully crafted melody. Rather than feeling like anything rooted in rock music or folk, this is a departure from all industrial, post-punk, and other associations one might have with the musicians involved, instead veering off into an incomprehensible yet beautiful take on experimental pop. Still, “pop” is used loosely here, almost as what one would imagine pop as in a distant future where all art is sacred and not created with commercial or vain motivations. It’s like the symphonic soundtrack to a psychedelic daydream and you can be well assured that even those wary of such descriptions will be fascinated by the experience as the band varies between gripping songs like “The Crow at Play” and delightful numbers like “Sweet Sodom SingSongs.” They’ll humble us all on the main stage of 013 venue on Sunday, April 23rd from 9:30PM to 10:40PM, overlapping only partially with Stone in Egypt and Come to Grief.

Second Discovery: Radar Men from the Moon
This was a huge surprise. This band will be the last thing many Roadburn attendees witness this year and it seems like they’ll be a perfect send-off to another year of challenging art and good times. Radar Men from the Moon alternates between kraut-y rhythms, garage-inspired licks, and straight up boiled over electronic chaos on their latest album, Subersive II: Splendor of the Wicked. It’s a total space rocking jam without any of the potential cliches or corny cosmic gimmicks that could’ve accompanied it. Instead, it’s like taking something very potent and letting it stretch you to the ends of the universe while burrowing deeply into the corners of your own psyche. It’s trance-inducing and jarring in equal parts, and it’ll be the perfect way to blissfully force the Roadburn experience into the core of our minds and hearts as the festival winds down. Check it out in the Green Room at 013 Venue on Sunday, April 23rd  from 11:40PM to 12:30AM, partially overlapping with Pillorian and entirely overlapping with Inter Arma.