Why it Had to End

Black Metal & Brews, the website, began in 2012 during a period of unemployment. I’d often toyed with the idea of writing and I felt I needed to justify some of my hobbies. It was simple enough. I never expected anybody to read it and I began it under a (poorly maintained) veil of anonymity. The point wasn’t to gain attention, to hear new music before it came out, or anything else. I just wanted to share the things that made my world just a little bit of a brighter place. I didn’t think about the name or the fact that I would inevitably want to cover a broader array of sounds. I didn’t think much about anything. I just did it.

The practice of just sitting down and writing was, and always has been, the best part of this. While I’m retiring this website and its title, my writing has not ceased and probably never will. Black Metal & Brews will maintain a social media presence, as the YouTube channel is something I’m not ready to undo and it suits the theme better than this page has for a few years. I can’t write about beer with the same joy with which I can show you the experience, so that function will continue for the foreseeable¬†future and will maintain the title it’s held since day one.

My writing will be appearing elsewhere under another moniker. I don’t plan on being as feel-good and excitable over there, as it’s just not me. The notion of only using my writing to share my delights was a thrill, but as I’ve become somebody with a small but devoted readership, it’s wrong of me to only cover things I enjoy. I don’t want artists to ever assume I’m trying to garner favor and I want my readers to know where my heart lies. I’ve never once lied in a review, but I have a passion for the craft of writing. In order to improve, I must shed old habits and find a new path. It will soon be revealed. I hope you’ll follow.