Yes, this picture is very old.
Yes, this picture is very old.

Greetings readers. Today is January 31st, 2014. Today I am establishing Black Metal & Brews as a website entirely of its own. I first started writing at my old URL under the same name on August 15th, 2012 and have since watched my blog grow more than I’d have ever imagined.

The goal of Black Metal & Brews is and has always been to share the best music and beer I can get my hands on with the world. While this occasionally means I’m sharing something new from an established artist or brewery, this website has always been heavily supportive of small artists, record labels, and breweries, whose passion for their craft exists without drive for anything other than artistic and personal satisfaction. Whether you’re here for the first time or have been a regular visitor since the beginning, here’s what you can trust me to share at all times:

-Any beer I can get my hands on that doesn’t gross me out.

-Any music I hear that deserves to be heard by others. This once was exclusive to the black metal genre but has now expanded into most corners of the metal world while also bringing in lots of music from the noise, drone, industrial, experimental, and broader electronic communities, whose artistic traits I also enjoy.

-Occasional news, interviews, and commentary.

As Black Metal & Brews is and has always been primarily a one-man operation, there is no numerical rating system nor will I try to suggest my word is gospel. Instead, keep in mind that anything on this site is something I personally felt was good enough to warrant passing along. This site is meant to help spread exciting music to its appropriate audience. Whether you and I always agree or not, I hope you’ll find everything here worthy of your consideration at the very least, and I encourage each and every reader to recommend new music and drinks to me. Without reader submissions, my site would have far less content.

If you ever have a question or concern about something on this website, I urge you to contact me. Please get in touch before you copy or reuse any content featured on Black Metal & Brews. I’m happy to give my approval in most cases, I simply prefer to retain control over my work rather than see it popping up everywhere but here.