Want to talk? Got something to share with me? Get in touch! There are a few requests I make of artists, labels, and breweries who get in touch, so if you’re just a curious reader skip ahead. If not, here’s some stuff to keep in mind. I receive a large volume of email and cannot always reply in a timely fashion. I’m not cold and unconcerned; I work a day job that is demanding and try to balance this site with the need to have a life of my own. Here are a few ways to increase the likelihood of me responding or featuring your submission.

1. While I chat with folks on other social networks, the only way to guarantee I’ll remember to check your stuff out is to email me. The address is below. Use it wisely.

2. I hate to say this one, but please don’t link me to your tunes on spotify. If you want the world to hear your music, you probably should be posting it on sites like bandcamp or soundcloud too, as these don’t require people to register to hear your songs.

3. Be thorough. I’m a wordy dude, so feel free to be wordy with me. The more I know about your music or beer, the more authority and confidence I can display when writing about it. I’m absolutely fine with doing a bit of digging through your bio, website, and so on, but I’m always thrilled when an artist includes bio and images in an email.

4. Not a rule, but a request. If you send me something in physical format and I haven’t reviewed it after a few weeks there are only two reasons. The first is that I’m forgetful. A friendly reminder helps, but you’re welcome to be gruff if you feel so inclined. The other reason is that I’m knee-deep in other reviews and haven’t forgotten, but have simply not addressed those who contacted me before you. Either way, if you send me an album physically, it’s because we’ve already spoken and I will never intentionally neglect to review something given to me in good faith.

That’s about it for now, although I’m sure that other stuff will be added if need be. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are the many ways you can find and absorb the goodness of Black Metal & Brews.

My email: blackmetalandbrews@gmail.com



Instagram (warning: includes images of me & my cat)