Hello friends, welcome to the temporary Black Metal & Brews “store.” Prices are negotiable because I’m asking on the upper end of the spectrum, but don’t make offensively low offers unless you’re buying a lot of stuff. I’m not trying to purge my collection.

At present, I’m trying to save money for a plane ticket, invest into merchandise for the website (yes, like shirts and buttons and other trinkets you’ll love!), and help me make up for money I lose by missing work when my Crohn’s flares up as it has been lately.

Portland buyers can contact me for free local pick-up.

If you want me to ship things, I’m going to get it insured for the benefit of all parties involved. If you live outside the US, please order multiple items, otherwise there’s no point in either one of us eating that shipping cost.

This list will be updated over time to include shirts and even more music. I just needed to get this process in motion or else I’ll never come close to completing it.

Sound good? Send an email to blackmetalandbrews@gmail.com with a list of the treats you’d like and I’ll respond as quickly as I can!


CDs for Sale:

Bastard Noise- Live at Babycastles $5

Iami- luz e sombra $6 (still in shrinkwrap)

Ladybird- Demo 2012 $4

Melvins- the bulls & the bees $9 (Still in shrinkwrap)

Mercurial- Demo $2

Nothingface- Violence $2

Various- Radio Silence (Dead Tank & PopNihil Sampler) $3

Various- SadoDamascus Records Sampler 2014 (just buy some other stuff and you can have it)


Cassettes for Sale:

Aqua Eroticum- Pervert Electronics $3

Border Force- Motionless $25

Chaos Echoes- Tone of Things to Come $15

Cold Cave- Electronic Dreams $25

Cold Readings- Cold Readings $6

Crebain- Under Black Wings of Night $15

Dismal Light- Dunes of Gypsum $10

Eye of Nix- Demo $5

Gnomes- Gnomes $6

Haethen- Wanderer $6

Hans Von Bartles- Conjugal Visits $5

He Of No Name- I Collect You

Howland & Soliday- The Law of Ruin 2xCS $8

Ivekas- G.H.F.M. $5

Ives/Hot Graves/Nak’ay/Cellgraft $5

Kafirun- Death Worship $5

K.L.L.K.- Between the First Heliocentric Wind and The Great Devourer of Light $12

Known Abuser- They Who Cannot $7

Lamentations of the Ashen- Libertine Cyst $4

Mion’s Hill- Festering Curses $15

Outre- Tranquility $9

Path//Death Demo $5

Procer Veneficus/At Dusk split $5

Raepus Barabus- Raepusbarabus $5

Recluse- The Black Famine (First edition with bloody torah page) $9

Sages- World Book Two $4

Social Junk- Give Up $17

Swallowing Bile- Exercise in Hate $10

Trash Sceptre- Trash Sceptre $4

Twin Whips- Twin Whips $5


Vales- Pressure $7

Vatican Shadow- September Cell $25

Venowl- Untitled $5

W.P. – Shit on Peace $5

Wildernessking- The Devil Within $10

Xasthur- Telepathic With the Deceased $25


7” Vinyl

A Sleeping Irony- Your Concrete Eyes $3

Agalloch & Nathanael Larochette- Alpha Serpentis (Unukalhai) (Ltd. Ed from Portland gig) $35

Aosoth- Our Crown of Sins $12

Babylonian Tiles- Rain People $10

Blut Der Nacht- Sargnagel $6.50

Burmese/16 Bitch Pile Up- Bored Fortress Not Not Fun 7” Series $4

Cirrhus- s/t $10

Corrections House- Hoax the System/Grin with a Purpose (Grey Vinyl) $7

Cruciamentum/Vasaeleth- Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh $7

Druid Lord- Druid Death Cult $6

Furdidurke- s/t $4

God Harvest/Cogs and Sprockets- split $6

Hell/Thou- Resurrection Bay (FULLY INTACT WITH PATCH) $50

Hot Graves/Whitehorse- split $6

Leviathan/Krieg- …and a Slave/Blacked Out and Broken (Green Vinyl) $25

LVTHN- Adversarialism $5

Mitochondrion- Antinumerology $8

Omegas- NY Terminator $2.50

Rituaal- Rituaal $8

Siege- Lost Session ’91 $9

Witch in Her Tomb- Maleficus Maleficarum (Glow in the Dark Green Vinyl) $30

10” Records

Book of Sand- The Bees and the Butterflies (Lathe Cut with backpatch) $50

Important Documents/XWalrusX- Split $5

Primitive Man/Hexis- Split $12

12” Records

Adversarial/Antediluvian- Initiated in Impiety as Mysteries $15

Altars- Eulogy $15

Barghest- The Virtuous Purge (Clear Vinyl) $16

Bell Witch- Longing (Red Vinyl) $50

Cara Neir- Portals to a Better, Dead World (Green Vinyl, #99/100) $30

Coffin Texts- The Tomb of Infinite Ritual $13

Cold Blue Mountain- Cold Blue Mountain $15

Deafheaven/Bosse-De-Nage- split (PINK Vinyl) $60

Fell Voices- Regnum Saturni 2xLP $20

Gates- The Prevailing Wind (Clear Vinyl) $15

Gates- Through the Howling Infinite $75

GGUW- Gegen Gravitation Und Willensfreiheit $30

The Great Old Ones- Al-Azif 2xLP (Electric Blue w/black splatter) $50

Grayceon- Pearl and the End of Days (Green Vinyl) $15

Hell/Mizmor- Split $25

Mamaleek- He Never Said a Mumblin’ Word $17

Malkuth- Tamahprabha $15

Mathias Grassow & John Haughm- Mosaic (Grey Vinyl) $22

Maudlin of the well- Bath 2xLP $60

Teratism- La Bas $15

Thrones/Sedan- Split $10

Trilobite- Delusions of Grandeur $12

Trist- Zrcadelni Melancolie (Black Envelope Edition with Cassette) $150