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Aeon Lost

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Black Metal Mother

Black Metal of the Americas

Brewtal Truth

Hammer Smashed Sound (I sometimes write for these guys)

Heathen Harvest

Horn of Woe

The Inarguable

Inhale the Heavy

Invisible Oranges

Necrolust Zine

No Clean Singing

Now Beer This

Radio Free Satan

The Scrapyard

Western Lamb

The Wilderness (Audio Engineering)

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A Terre

Acephale Winter Productions


Apex Armouries

Arcane Visions Collective

Ascetic House

Auris Apothecary


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Chondritic Sound

Cimmerian Shade

Cold Spring

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Dark Descent

Depravity Label

Eternal Warfare

Fallen Empire

Final Agony

The Flenser

Fragile Branch

Fuel Injected Records

Gilead Media

Glossolalia Records

Graceless Recordings

Grimoire Cassette Cvlture

Grimoire Records

Handmade Birds

Ivory Antler Recording & Publication

Legion Blotan

Love Earth Music

Male Activity

Malignant Records

Monorail Trespassing


Posh Isolation

Psychic Violence

Rainbow Bridge

Sibir Records

Simple Box Construction

Sol y Nieve

Sounding Session

Strange Rules

Tenebrae Recordings

Total Black

Wohrt Records


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