Legion of Andromeda- “Demo 2013” CD

legion of andromeda demo

Legion of Andromeda is a two-piece beast from Tokyo that found its way to my ears thanks to brief correspondence through Twitter. I put out my feelers, hoping for new music, and very few artists and labels replied. Still, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the sheer ugliness of Legion of Andromeda, so my search was hardly in vain.

From the feedback-laden opening dirge of “Cosmo Hammer” to the last echoing howls of “Fist of the Galaxy,” Legion of Andromeda’s four songs are a raw, violent bludgeoning brand of death metal. The community of primitive, bestial death metal bands with raw production tends to produce some of my favorite death metal, and this totally delivers. Instead of the layers of filth a la Portal, Teitanblood, and the like, there is a focused precision to the pacing of this music and each instrument can actually be identified in the midst of all the chaos. I’m really impressed by the purely disgusting nature of this music, as it pairs nicely with the universally large song titles and aesthetic, almost creating the soundtrack for a no holds barred intergalactic war. It’s not necessarily the sensation of being right in the middle of battle that this evokes, however, as much as it is that of hearing the dull roar of the conflict from miles away. You know it will make its way to you eventually, but for now it’s simply a rhythmic fuzz that is almost hypnotic in nature, due to a drum-beat that remains almost identical from song to song. I’m pretty sure it’s a drum machine, but instead of being a cheesy stand-in prop, it’s an integral part of the music.¬†Another aspect that really needs to be touched on here, in my opinion, is the tone of the vocals. It’s inhuman in a way I rarely enjoy in my metal anymore, but works so nicely for the barbaric violence of this album. Vocalist -R- sounds like Seth Putnam’s colossal mutant cousin, with bile and pus being hacked out with every filthy utterance. Legion of Andromeda’s demo as a whole is a superb example of minimalist approaches leading to enormous sounding results.

There are only two copies of this CD available from the band, but aQuarius Records may have some still for folks stateside looking to save on shipping. Grab this now before these guys receive all the attention they deserve and take off.

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