Exclusive Stream: Jute Gyte & Venowl Split CS

Jute Gyte & Venowl Split CS

In just a few days, Black Horizons will be releasing a new cassette from Jute Gyte & Venowl. While I’ve yet to feature his music, many of my readers are surely just as familiar with Jute Gyte as with Venowl, whose music has graced this site many times since its inception. ┬áRegardless of familiarity, you’ll have a chance to get well acquainted with each artist, as I am hosting a full album stream today.

Side A features two new tracks from Adam Kalmbach, the sole member of Jute Gyte, who continues his psychedelic and overwhelming journey into increasingly challenging microtonal black metal-inspired madness that really sits outside of genre and falls more within the realm of well-orchestrated chaos. Despite the violent and almost claustrophobic nature of much of Jute Gyte’s music, these tunes both hold enough familiar elements to help welcome extreme metal enthusiasts to the deeper waters of pure madness. I’ll admit I may not have the right set of ears to pick out the idiosyncratic sonic structures laid out by Gyte’s modified quarter tone guitar. The subtle horrors of Gyte’s music especially stand out on “The Rib,” which moves at a basic crawl, with crumbling, distorted guitar and percussion paired with what seems to an eerie keyboard line, but might actually be a byproduct of the guitar itself. Whether you’re drawn in by the ambiance or simply a morbid fascination, this side doesn’t disappoint.

The B-side contains one new track from Venowl, “Snowbed,” a twenty-seven minute piece that demonstrates their continued love of testing the listener’s patience and endurance. This song, however, seems to be turning a new page in a sense, with a bit less off the straight-up violent black/doom/free jazz horror and I might even say there’s a bit of melody and structure. However, this could just be due to the fact that this is a collaborative effort with prolific violinist/composer Troy Schafer of Kinit Her, Burial Hex, and Wreathes, whose presence can definitely be discerned amid the churning monstrosity created by Venowl. Additional change appears in the form of a de-fretted seven string baritone guitar and a more open, spacious mix, which are just further examples of Venowl’s desire to continually grow and shift instead of merely treading water. With music this bold and fearsome, it’s nice to say that even familiar ears will be surprised by Venowl with this tape.

J-Card for Jute Gyte & Venowl Split

Copies of this go for sale soon, along with many other great Black Horizons releases. If the gorgeous J-card for this release doesn’t inspire the collector in you, I’m not sure if you’re visiting the right website. This is absolutely nuts and does true justice to the effort that both Jute Gyte and Venowl put into their respective sides. While you’re there, be sure to look through the rest of the label’s store, as almost everything is beautifully packaged and the music is equally compelling. Be sure to listen to the playlist below while you look around.

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