Dogmatic Absolution – “Poetries of Oppression” Review & Song Stream

Dogmatic Absolution

On this site, I tend to focus on bands that straddle lines, as points of conflict and differentiation are often where music becomes most engaging. When, for example, a band manages to capture the ferocity of raw and lo-fi black metal while retaining a fullness of sound that lends a sizable atmosphere, I’m intrigued. When presented with Dogmatic Absolution‘s new release,¬†Poetries of Oppression, I found myself in such a position. My knee-jerk reaction was that this was going to be a blazing cacophony of treble, tremolo picking, and shrill vocals. While the intensity and jagged edges are all in place, there is a majestic grimness that unfolds within the dark tapestry wielded by Dogmatic Absolution.

Aside from the three minutes of ambiance constituting “Ventus Mortis,”¬†Poetries of Oppression¬†is consistent in its violent direction. Much of the album’s strength lies in Dogmatic Absolution’s capacity to repeat a passage multiple times, with slight variations occurring over time, allowing the band to create a hypnotic yet well guided flow throughout each composition. The band doesn’t have a drummer listed anywhere online, leaving me to believe the drums are programmed, yet the tightness of the drums isn’t reliant on a constant mechanical pace. The album’s speed shifts with the music’s natural movement, carrying along an album of throaty vocals and riffs just a step away from complete dissonance. Occasional passages of cleaner guitar and sparser instrumentation pop up to enhance atmosphere, but the focus and motion remain strong and consistent.

Poetries of Oppression will be released digitally by Tridroid Records on June 9th, but today you’ve got an opportunity to peruse the monolithic closing track, “Night Arises,” here on Black Metal & Brews. At nearly twelve minutes in length, it’s an immersive experience that sheds a thin ray of light upon each element presented elsewhere on the album, a perfect taster that stands on its own just as well as it does in its proper place. From the valiant lead that opens the song to the withering drone that comes at its end, it’s an experience that should appeal equally to more orthodox listeners and those whose tastes are unconventional within the genre.