Flummox Debuts New Track, “The Ghost of Ronnie Dio”

Flummox - "The Ghost of Ronnie Dio" single

Tennesseean weirdos Flummox impressed me greatly earlier this year when they dropped their bizarrely addictive album, Phlummoxygen, on Tridroid Records. Their hyper-caffeinated take on as many subcategories of metal and rock music as they could fit was somehow more palatable than any descriptor would make it seem and I often found myself with songs stuck in my head for days after a listen. After a most triumphant album to start things off, the band is getting ready to drop another gem of odd and enchanting metal in February 2016. Since the odds are high that unleashing the whole thing at once could cause strange fluctuations in the space-time continuum, Flummox have entrusted me with the honor of putting out a sliver of sound for your Halloween enjoyment.


“The Ghost of Ronnie Dio” is both an homage to greatness past and a righteous jam in its own regard. While the song has little sonic kinship with its namesake, it’s easy to see where the band’s love lies. It goes from a jaunty beginning to cutting into eerie atmospheres and shredding jams as it makes its way through its five minutes. As just one of the tracks that will be gracing next year’s Selcouth (which will again be on Tridroid Records), this is a promising song that shows Flummox offering more of what they’ve already proved they can do effectively: make weird, heavy music that is equally silly and musically engaging. If you’re ready to party, invite “The Ghost of Ronnie Dio” on over this Halloween and get wild.