Broder- “Under den Jydske Fane” Full Stream


Today, I have the honor of sharing with you one of the most oddly heavy things I’ve come across in quite some time. Black Metal & Brews seldom revels in conventionally heavy music, and while danish duo Broder (appropriately comprised of brothers Erik and Jesper) creates undeniably heavy music, it’s hard to put this within the frame of doom as the world tends to view it. Pairing the lo-fi filthy recording qualities of your average bedroom black metal demo with massive and ambitious guitar-driven compositions creates a dissonance in which phantom frequencies soar out at the listener and confuse the senses. With Under den Jydske Fane, Broder seeks to tell the tale of its hometown, which sits between a burial mound and a mountain. To quote the band,

We grew up in the countryside, on the right side of the stream, between the burial mound “Bitch Hill” and the mythical “Gallow Mountain” . The opening track “Kællingehøj” is the calm burial hum from a time long forgotten. “Galgebjerg” is the brutal gut ripping truth at the end of the noose. This cassette is not just an ode to the hill and the mountain, but an ode to historicity as a part of being.

With this sense of timelessness and the immensity of the elements, it only makes sense to simply give up and be lost in the wild and free-form doom Broder conjures. While the opening composition may be built more with a series of plodding riffs that stack against each other like the weight of soil atop the intended burial mound, “Galgebjerg” is furious and unrestrained, like the howling of the wind. It’s an experience in which each composition yields a different side of a duo intent on exploring every sonic capacity at its disposal rather than simply sitting with a single point of reference. It’s hypnotic and refreshing while instantly feeling familiar to these ears. Under den Jydske Fane is available as a cassette on March 21st from It Was Gnarled. Don’t sleep on it.