Goes Cube- “Shadows Swallowed the Flood”

Goes Cube

Sometimes we get around to things in a bit of a backwards fashion. For me, this means discovering Goes Cube as they’re on their way out the door. Before shuffling off to other work and different creative paths, the band has offered up a final record, entitled Shadows Swallowed the Flood, which came out yesterday on Old Flame Records. It’s an album that explores sounds and forms rarely covered on Black Metal & Brews, yet it’s crafted in a way that captivates. It’s human and present and is clearly the work of musicians challenging themselves as they work harmony and aggression into something cohesive.

While modern metal and hardcore form the backbone of Goes Cube’s sound on Shadows Swallowed the Flood, there’s much nuance and exploration on this record. At moments such as the blistering “Where They Found Me,” the band manages to sound like Snapcase gone progressive, although this sound is promptly disrupted by gently sung vocals that soothe amid the chaos. Goes Cube spends most of the record at the intersection of urgency and subtlety, performing a delicate balancing act that works better than one might expect. With might and melody working in tandem, the transitions from cleaner passages to barn-burners never feel forced or inorganic. It’s evident that the band came into this final effort with a love of creating and a passion for playing together. It’s sad that the band has chosen to call it a day with this release, although it’s rare that a band will elect to end on such a high note.
Goes Cube

Songs like early singles “Strawmen” and “Harbingers” could justifiably excel on hard rock radio, although no integrity is sacrificed on even the most palatable moments of the album. There’s just something universally appealing and emotive about this album that engenders a connection that transcends genre and arrangement. Admittedly, this is not the first time guitarist David Obuchowski’s work has made a direct impact here at Black Metal & Brews. His involvement in Publicist UK has proven greatly inspiring, but hearing this more aggressive and directly pained sound showcases another side of this versatile musician. There are reference points that are shared between the groups, but the similarities are fewer than the differences, allowing for both projects to breathe and stand independently.

Of important note on this record is the song “Crohn’s Attack.” Long-time readers may recall that I was diagnosed with this condition in February of this year. Among those to notice and reach out was David from Goes Cube, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s twenty-two years ago. His early support, advice, and willingness to communicate about a shared condition was instrumental in my own decision to be public and confident about my experiences. Hearing this outright rager that seems to come from a place of pain and frustration sets me on fire in all the right ways. It’s possibly the heaviest song on the record and it’s certainly one that strikes a chord over here. Metal often shies away from exploring personal topics, so this burst of vicious catharsis works brilliantly with its punchy drums and pronounced bass lines. The band is at its finest and most poignant here, leaving a mark that won’t soon be forgotten despite their impending absence. Stream Shadows Swallowed the Flood thanks to Noisey.

Goes Cube will be performing tomorrow night, October 23rd, at Saint Vitus in NYC with Dälek, Primitive Weapons and Descender to celebrate the release of their new album. Zack from Publicist UK will DJ the event. Join us.