Divorce Ring- “Divorce Ring” Album Premiere

Divorce Ring

Black Metal & Brews has long been a stronghold for music outside of the realm of metal. With this in mind, the recent explosion of noise and electronic premieres on the site seems to speak for itself. Readers, musicians, and I all find common ground in extremity and innovation regardless of subgenre or how it is implemented. What matters most is the core of fearlessness and creativity. Today, it is an honor to premiere the Divorce Ring EP by Georgia-based death industrial artist Divorce Ring. The harrowing and concise approach to the genre feels right at home on this site, without falling into stale repetition of familiar tropes.

The one thing that runs throughout Divorce Ring is a sense of control and fear. Oppressive sounds may be nothing new to the genre, but the conviction with which they’re delivered here is clear. Whether it’s the pulsing tension and buried vocals of “After Birth” or the pure pain of “Mother Bulimic,” there’s a sense of emotional purge and asserted force. The droning low-end of Divorce Ring’s analog synthesizer-rooted sound tends to blanket things nicely, narrowly walking the line between smothering and comforting in a tactful fashion. This excursion is brief, running just over ten minutes, yet volumes are spoken in such short time. This is the sonic equivalent of a panic. The lines are blurred and it’s over more quickly than one realizes, yet the effects linger on.

Divorce Ring is soon to be released on cassette and as a digital album, courtesy of WATERPOWER. The tape itself is being distributed through the mighty Analog Worship, with pre-orders live at the time of publication. Don’t sleep on it. This short foray into horror and anxiety will surely be the first of many dark paths we will walk down with Divorce Ring.